List of Indie Game Bundles Sites

Looking for the ultimate list of indie game bundle websites that’s always up-to-date? Search no further! Save a ton of money while supporting indie devs. Here’s a list of the best indie game bundle sites:

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Cheap Console Video Games at New Shopping Website

There’s this new shopping website that opened recently, Millennia Goods, that sells 3DS, PS4, XBOX 360, and even original XBOX games cheaper than Amazon Marketplace. Upon visiting their site, you’re greeting with their slogan: “We always aim to beat our competitors prices. It’s like all our products are on sale year-round!”. At the time of writing, they also have Collector’s and Limited Edition games like Final Fantasy XV Deluxe Edition for PS4, Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain for PS4, Madden NFL 09 20th Anniversary Collectors Edition for XBOX 360, The Last Story Limited Edition for Wii. And they’re cheaper than Amazon. Take for example, The Last Story Limited Edition, which goes for $84.88 on Amazon, but only $79.99 at Millennia Goods.

Game Review: Fiesta

Review Score
Usual MMORPG fare with a sprinkling of friendliness and a ton of community.
Kingdom Quests are fun and add more replay value than a standard MMO.
Kid-friendly but not overly simplistic.
Background music and sound effects are passable.
A free to play MMORPG with a decent community that is a nice place to hang out and crush monsters under the collective might of a dozen players.

Fiesta Official Website


Fiesta is a free to play MMORPG that is based on the usual formula expected of the genre, but with a few distinctive features.  Probably the best feature is the ability to participate in Kingdom Quests, which are scripted instances for up to 15 players.  This somewhat cutesy looking MMO also has plenty of community features and keeps the gameplay lighthearted.  The game’s friendly atmosphere makes it a cozy place to hang out, although there is definitely big monsters to fight as you can see from the trailer below.

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