Free Online Games List

On this page is a list of all the good free online games that I’ve come across. I have reviewed some of the games and can attest to their quality.

GameGame DescriptionReview Score
AlteilFlash-based online card dueling game. "English version of Japan's #1 Online Card Game."3.5/5
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Soul MasterMMO RTS with RPG elements. You control a persistent avatar while managing construction, Soul summoning, giving Souls orders, and controlling your character in an action-RPG style.3.5/5
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FiestaMMO RPG. Friendly graphics and community. Epic 15 player Kingdom Quests with a big boss at the end are really fun.3.5/5
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Checkout gameplay videos of some other mmos:



Shadowfox Games has joined Folding@Home!  What is it? Well, some smart guys at Stanford University made a neat program that uses distributed computing in order to simulate protein folding to help with research related to attempts at curing serious diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, and certain forms of cancer.

Essentially, the Folding@Home project lets any computer work with other computers in parallel through the internet to accomplish a certain goal, which in this case is to simulate folding proteins.  It is like a super computer with its CPU cores connected through the internet instead of a local network.

By downloading the Folding@Home client program, you can help simulate protein folding.  The client automatically downloads the required data to your computer and starts folding.  When the simulation is complete, the results are automatically uploaded to the Folding@Home servers.  It does not interfere with the use of your computer as the program only uses unused CPU cycles.

So go join Shadowfox Games’  Folding@Home team!  My stats are low as I am currently the only member of my team so help me out by using my team number, which is 195240, when you want to start folding.  Not sure how?  Then check out the instructions on how to join a team after you download and install the Folding@Home client.  Happy folding!

Shadowfox Games Relaunch!

Today the Shadowfox Games website has been relaunched to be bigger and better!  Initially, it was only going to contain Unity browser games that I made, but now it will also be a blog about games.  I will mostly focus on free games online.  The site might still be a bit empty and disorganized as I continue to set everything up, but I promise to get this up and running ASAP!