Free Online Games List

On this page is a list of all the good free online games that I’ve come across. I have reviewed some of the games and can attest to their quality.

GameGame DescriptionReview Score
AlteilFlash-based online card dueling game. "English version of Japan's #1 Online Card Game."3.5/5
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Soul MasterMMO RTS with RPG elements. You control a persistent avatar while managing construction, Soul summoning, giving Souls orders, and controlling your character in an action-RPG style.3.5/5
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FiestaMMO RPG. Friendly graphics and community. Epic 15 player Kingdom Quests with a big boss at the end are really fun.3.5/5
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Checkout gameplay videos of some other mmos:


Game Review: Alteil

Review Score
Fun, strategic card duels that are easy to pickup but hard to master.
The addictive quality of card games is refreshed by Alteil's fresh take on the genre
card art is made by Japan's greatest artists, but it still only has card game graphics.
Exciting background music coupled with simple sound effects make for fun but average experience
Addictive card game with original gameplay aspects with the additional possibilities afforded by virtual gameplay makes for a fun experience.

Alteil Official Website


Alteil is an online flash-based “online card dueling game” that you can play for free.  It is NOT a trading card game for the simple reason that you can’t actually trade cards with other players.  The card duels are semi fast-paced, flashy, and really fun.  According to the official website, Alteil is the “English version of Japan’s #1 Online Card Game.” It is made with flash so Alteil requires no long downloads.  Different screens take only seconds to load, which is great to play a quick match or two when you feel like it.  For a quick rundown of what Alteil is like go to the official Alteil website.

Alteil has an interesting background story behind it that they keep updating, which helps immerse players into the game’s world.  Japanese games are famous for having lots of story and this game is no exception.

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Shadowfox Games has joined Folding@Home!  What is it? Well, some smart guys at Stanford University made a neat program that uses distributed computing in order to simulate protein folding to help with research related to attempts at curing serious diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, and certain forms of cancer.

Essentially, the Folding@Home project lets any computer work with other computers in parallel through the internet to accomplish a certain goal, which in this case is to simulate folding proteins.  It is like a super computer with its CPU cores connected through the internet instead of a local network.

By downloading the Folding@Home client program, you can help simulate protein folding.  The client automatically downloads the required data to your computer and starts folding.  When the simulation is complete, the results are automatically uploaded to the Folding@Home servers.  It does not interfere with the use of your computer as the program only uses unused CPU cycles.

So go join Shadowfox Games’  Folding@Home team!  My stats are low as I am currently the only member of my team so help me out by using my team number, which is 195240, when you want to start folding.  Not sure how?  Then check out the instructions on how to join a team after you download and install the Folding@Home client.  Happy folding!

Game Making Programs

If you read my last post on how to begin making computer games, you know that you have to understand the basics of programming in order to really be able to make your own games.  If you are absolutely adamant on using pure C++ to make games, go ahead and use DirectX.  I started trying to learn it and found out that while it can be fairly flexible and powerful since it lets you work with graphics hardware at a very low level, it requires a large time commitment and understanding at that low level.  It was difficult to do even the basics without having to memorize many functions with really long names.  Unless you really like low level code and don’t mind memorizing long function names, it can be a really great thing to know.  Knowing DirectX will surely be helpful if you’re looking to get a job in the video game industry. Continue reading

How to Begin Making Computer Games

So You Want to Make a Computer Game?

You’ve played a lot of games and want to make your own now.  Perhaps you always found yourself thinking up ways to improve the games you play.  Maybe you have been making improved versions of games by modding existing games.  Or maybe you think it would just be really cool to build your own game.  How do you do it? What do you need to know?  And how much of it do you need to know?  I’ll tell you that you do not need a lot to get started.  A basic knowledge of procedural programming is required to start making “real” games.  Although there are many game making programs out there and some even have a drag-and-drop interface, I would highly recommend that you learn the basics of procedural programming for two reasons:

  1. Understand the logic behind games – Games are just programs.  Very fun and complex programs, but deep down they are just programs.  If you learn the logic behind programs you will be able to more easily understand how to make things in your game work.
  2. Make Better Games – Being able to write code will give you immense freedom in making everything in your game behave the way you want it to.  Without programming, you will be rather limited in the kinds of games you can make.

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