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Free online game makers are becoming more widely available as a way for anyone to start making games very easily.  Here is a list of all the free game creation programs you can start using immediately in your browser:

  1. Fyrebug [Update: this game maker no longer exists] – Choose one type of game you want to make such as platformer, side-scroller, and dog fight.  Then you get to choose the graphics for the enemies, the hero, bullets, etc.  After picking sounds and music, you get to name your game and upload it to their server to share your game with other users.  This online game maker, while free, is very limited as an actual game maker and does not give you control over the actual gameplay.
  2. Sploder – There are three game templates to choose from: platformer, 3D mission, and shooter.  Sploder gives you more freedom to actually build your own levels by placing where your character starts in the level, walls, power ups, and enemies.  Of course, you can upload your game to their server in order to share your creation with others on the website as well as play games made by others.  While Sploder is a neat free online game maker that is easily accessible to everyone, it is more of a level designer than a game maker as you don’t have control over the finer aspects of the game you are making.
  3. Atmosphir [Update: this game maker no longer exists] – This is one of the best free online game makers out there.  Atmosphir is fully 3D and gives much more control over the gameplay than Sploder.  Atmosphir levels are build like Lego blocks.  You have a wide array of colorful blocks to place in order to build the actual level where characters and enemies stand on.  You also get to place hazards like enemies and traps, as well as power ups such as extra lives or giving a boost to the height of your character’s jump.  Atmosphir allows to fine-tune the parameters for nearly anything you make want to change:  number of lives, speed of a moving platform, whether an enemy respawns or not, how many hit points enemies have…the options are nearly endless.  Almost forgot.  You can make multiplayer games as well!  And of course, uploading your levels to their servers for everyone to play is easily done in-game.
  4. ChallengeYou – Apparently they give you the ability to make 3D Shockwave games.  Actually, they all seem to be first person games where you have to find the finish point.  The graphics seem to be a bit dated, but at least it’s 3D.  Just like the other free online game makers, you can upload your levels and share them with other creators.
  5. Fupa Kingdoms Defense – As the name implies, you get to build your own tower defense game and upload it to share your TD game with everyone else.  You can also play the TD games others have made as well.  You can change the graphics of the background, creeps, and towers.  Changing the stats of the creeps and towers is also possible.  And yes, you can set the path of the creeps as well.
  6. World’s Biggest Pacman – an HTML5 game that lets players create their own pacman levels and upload them.  All levels are player-created and are all inter-connected to other mazes that players have uploaded in order to create one gigantic pacman game.
  7. Flowlab – A very easy to use game creator that let’s you quickly put together a 2D game via drag and drop controls.  The intuitive user interface let’s you connect blocks together so it looks like the game logic is flowing from one block to the next.  They have a quick tutorial showing how you can quickly get a platforming game running in a literally a few minutes.
  8. Game Gonzo – This gamemaker is very similar to Sploder.  You get to choose form various game templates such “floater”,  “racer 3D”, and “tennis”.  The creator walks you through several steps to choose what images and sounds will be used for the various objects in the game.  When you’re done, you can save your game and it will be available on their website.

These game makers are all free and easy enough to use for just about anyone since no programming is required.  But you may have noticed that you don’t really get to make your own unique game.  These game makers are more like level designers.  Atmosphir appears to be the only free online game creator that gives you more flexibility in designing your levels to actually create unique gameplay.  But if you get allergies just thinking about programming, then these game makers will let you realize those creative ideas to an extent.

If some programming doesn’t scare you then go on to my post about Game Making Programs that utilize scripting as opposed to full-on programming from scratch.  Programming gives so much more freedom to make that unique game you’ve been dreaming of.

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